Friday, January 1, 2016

Wise Feedback: A Recommended Resolution for Grading Papers

To Consider During your End-of-Holiday Grading 


As the holiday break dwindles to a final few days, you may finally be thinking about grading all those papers you brought home. With a resolution to be a better teacher, I thought I would share one small way to help students improve their work, and perhaps instill some self-efficacy and a growth mindset
Before you start marking up papers, consider the following: students who receive “wise” feedback, particularly African American students with low trust of their teachers, are more likely to edit drafts and work towards improving their work. (You can read the academic paper to learn more.) 


How to Give Wise Feedback

Giving wise feedback involves two key components:

  1. Stating you have high standards for quality work 
  2. Stating that you believe the student can improve and eventually meet your high standards with effort 

Photo courtesy of Jenny Kaczorowski,
If possible, providing ways for the student to get support to meet the standards is also helpful.

Why is wise feedback important? A lot of it has to do with something called stereotype threat. You can also learn more about wise feedback at this blog.

I hope you consider including this in your practice in the new year!